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MT-3500 XCR front light

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M-Tigersports 3500 Lumen bike lihght


Product Description

4x Cree XM-L U2 leds with 60° lens, 45° lens and 2x 30° lenses to spread the light wide and reach far into the distance.
Power setting:           100%           -75%        -50%      -25%       strobe
Run time (hours):       2.5               3.5              5          10.5           11
Brightness (Lumen)   3500            2800          1700         800
Battery indicator LED-light in different colors inside the silcone control button on top of light house; Green light 100~75% left, Blue: 75~30% left, Red: 30%~10% left, flashing red-less than 10% left.
Battery auto save mode: When battery capacity is less than 15%, the light will automatically go to 25% light mode to save battery capacity.
4-5 h charging time. Automatic charger switch off when battery is fully charged. Under voltage protection, over voltage protection, over current protection.
Dust- and water protection level; IP67
Temperature heat protection will turn the light down to lower mode when risk of overheating.
Weight: Lamp+ mount – 140g. Lamp +mount + battery – 660g
12 month manufacturers warranty / 24 month Torchy warranty on all parts.
Package includes: Front light, battery pack, 3 pin UK charger , velcro helmet mount, extension cable, O rings, serial warranty card, Nylon Box.
2year warranty copyFree delivery

1 review for MT-3500 XCR front light

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This light is absolutely superb and streets ahead of the similarly priced magical shining lights. I’ve spent a fortune in lights this year and have been pretty disappointed with all…..until now. This is the first of many that wont be going straight on that auction site.

    I took a chance based on torchy’s beam shots although was a little hesitant due to the lack of info on the web. Very glad i did. Instructions are english and swedish but I’m guessing it originates in the far east. However unlike virtually all of those other lights the beam on this is amazingly well controlled. Most high power lights seem to blast out light in all directions so most of it gets wasted. This is nice and tight but at the same time covers a massive area…..under control. Net result is more of the light goes on the ground where you want it, rather than sky high and blinding anyone in the near vicinity.

    Used it for the first time today in pitch black on the road on half power and not a single angry driver. Other lights I’ve had annoyed everyone Who came into contact with them despite being angled low.

    Battery life seems to be up to the claims. 2.5 hrs riding, 1 hr on full and 1.5 on mid and it just clicked from green to blue.

    Overall well worth the money and almost on a par with my four4th lights for beam pattern. Build quality seems top notch but not up to the standards of fourt4th but not far off. And my Holy Moses was comsiderably more. Only 2 small niggles :
    1) The battery is thin and long and attaches via velcro bag. Its much thinner than my fat square giant defy frame so sits at a funny angle when attached and because of the frame size I cant strap as tight as I’d like……but it does stay put when moving.
    2) The battery/light plugs feel like a slightly harder, more brittle plastic than most other lights I’ve used so not sure of longevity and whether they’ll crack.
    Are these points enough to stop me recommending……hell no. Its fantastic. Probably overkill for main roads but for the unlit backroads or off road its awesome. For the first time this year I’m now satisfied with my quest for lumens and decent beam pattern.

    Last point…..torchy’s service is always top notch.

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